Deanna Alexander

Independent for State Assembly District 12


ELECTION - NOV 5, 2024

About Deanna Alexander


Lifelong Wisconsin Resident

Milwaukee Homeowner since 2007

Family Life

Blessed with four children and a dog

Community service providing treatment level foster care

Adoptive parent 


Servant leadership

Level-headed decision-making

Hearing all sides


Good public service

Wise decisions with public funds.


Master's Degree in Public Administration, Regent University

Certificate in Conflict Resolution, University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Bachelor's Degree in Business Management / Accounting, University of Wisconsin - Parkside

Professional Experience

Village Administrator and Treasurer

Town Clerk, Human Resources, and Office Manager

Accountant and Auditor

Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors: 2012-2020, 2022-Present

Military Veteran - Wisconsin Army National Guard from 2002-2010

Prior member of Villa St. Francis Board of Directors, 2020 - 2023 

Chair of the EMS Council, 2013-2020 

Prior member of the Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership Council

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Dear Neighbor

  • I've been honored to serve as an elected official on the non-partisan Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors for over a decade, representing over 50,000 residents in the northwest corner of Milwaukee.  Thank you to everyone who has supported me over the years and chosen me to serve our community in this way.  I invite you to look forward with me.
  • It's no secret that many voters didn't show up to the polls this spring.  Voter turnout in our area was down about 40% from the last two spring elections in presidential years.  I'm also reading articles and seeing news broadcasts highlighting how voters are frustrated with some of their choices on the ballot this Presidential election year.  People ask me all too often, "Why can't we have other choices?"
  • This is why I'm announcing my candidacy for Representative to the State Assembly for District 12.  As you may know, the current official and my friend, Representative LaKeshia Myers, has decided not to run for re-election. This means there is no incumbent in this race.  Despite this being a partisan (political party-driven) seat, I am an independent candidate.  While I dabbled in a bit of political party politics years ago, I have found independence to be a core part of who I am and how I lead, and equally important to voters who may not necessarily always vote for just one party or who may desire more.
  • When you vote this fall, I hope you will feel empowered with a new choice on your ballot, and I hope to earn your support and your vote!
  • If you have any particular concerns about state laws you would like to see enacted, please reach out to me and share your ideas.


Deanna Alexander

ELECTION - NOV 5, 2024

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ELECTION - NOV 5, 2024