Thank You to the Community for Support! Nomination Signatures Have Been Submitted!

Deanna Alexander turns in 329 nomination signatures on January 5, 2016.

Deanna Alexander turns in 329 nomination signatures on January 5, 2016.

Milwaukee (January 6, 2016) —Deanna Alexander, candidate for reelection to the position of County Supervisor in Milwaukee County’s 18th District, has submitted all of the nomination signatures required from voters supporting her candidacy to allow her name to appear on the spring ballot.

Alexander filed 329 signatures to the Election Commission on Tuesday afternoon, 60% more than the 200 signatures needed.  (UPDATE 1/8/16: The Election Commission subsequently found every single signature submitted to be true and valid, certifying 100% of nomination signatures submitted!)

“Neighbors and area residents showed strong support during the nomination process. I am grateful and enthused that so many care about the success of our community and are getting involved in the electoral process,” Alexander said.

“I look forward to winning the spring election and continuing to represent Milwaukeeans as we strive for more transparent, more efficient government held accountable by the people.”

Deanna Alexander has served as the elected supervisor for the northwest corner of Milwaukee County since 2012, using her background in accounting and auditing to be a lookout for government actions that would concern the public. She is a mother of two, a former enlisted soldier in the Wisconsin Army National Guard, the Chair of the Emergency Medical Services Council, a member of the Milwaukee Child Welfare Partnership Council, and a lifelong Wisconsin resident who has chosen to make Milwaukee her home for the last decade.

The election will be held on April 5, 2016.