Deanna is often featured in the media and speaks with the press.  Here is a timeline of recent issues and events in the news. 

  • February 12, 2018

    Here's the Truth About "Breathe Easy"

    It is election season, and my political opponent has been exposed by our local newspaper today for extreme anti-law enforcement statements. As a result, I find that I am once again under attack for a social media post that went viral in 2014.  I provide this post here, to again, provide an explanation for what happened: 1) In late 2014, some very violent protesters began calling for the harassment, attack, and in some cases, execution of cops. As you may recall, some members of law enforcement were subsequently killed. 2) Members of the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors stood during a government meeting, unbuttoned their dress shirts, and displayed “I can’t breathe” shirts. They made repeated “I can’t breathe because…” statements. They said they would come to every future meeting wearing the shirts until law enforcement met their demands. While I felt that there are things we need to work to change in our society to reduce racism and racial tensions, they spoke in a way that was near, if not outright, anti-law enforcement. No one stood up for law enforcement or even wanted to have a multi-sided discussion about it. 3) Believing that this would be a recurring event, I resolved to come to the next meeting and meet them wearing my own shirt showing support for law-enforcement. I searched for a shirt that would counter their message of constant condemnation and found one online that displayed a blue line and read “Breathe Easy – Don’t Break the Law!” It was produced by a company that gave money to benefit a police department. Because it was just before the holidays, a time when we should generally buy for others and not ourselves, when I shared news of my purchase on Twitter, I said, “Well, I broke down and bought myself a present - a “Breathe Easy – Don’t Break the Law” T-shirt.” 4) Activists erupted attacking me and calling me “racist” for the post. The post went viral with angry activists. They sent me and my family death threats. This didn’t make any sense until a friend that is a Milwaukee grassroots community activist explained to me the nuances of the Eric Garner story, which I was not that familiar with. When I came to understand that the term “Breathe Easy” was seen by some people as if it signaled support for killing black people because it related to Garner's words that he couldn't breathe while he was dying in police custody, was shocked and I removed the post and destroyed the shirt. I learned that Twitter does not offer context, and that my quick comment had been taken very far out of the context for which it was intended. I later went on the Sherwin Hughes radio show on WNOV in Milwaukee and explained the situation and publicly apologized for the post. This was years ago, I regretted it at the time it occurred when I realized the meaning people read into the post, and I admitted wrong at the time and asked for forgiveness for my error.  I continue that humility today in asking for conversation and understanding while still shielding myself and my family from harassment and threats. 5) To anyone who was not aware of my prior apology from several years ago, I now reiterate my sincere apology:
    I strive to have integrity and that means admitting when I am wrong. I am sorry for posting the T-shirt description back in 2014 without providing the context that would have helped us all understand each other better.  I did not realize the meaning that people would derive from my statement at the time and am truly sorry for the mistake.  To those who have counseled me or found it within themselves to forgive, I am grateful for your civility in teaching me rather than condemning me. Sincerely, Deanna Alexander
  • January 11, 2018

    Public Safety & Law Enforcement Endorsements

    We are pleased to announce endorsements from the Milwaukee Police Association, the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs' Association, the Retired Deputy Sheriffs' Association, and Milwaukee Alderman Jim Bohl, who have each stepped forward to publicly support Deanna Alexander for Milwaukee County Supervisor!
    Deanna has a steadfast record of supporting law enforcement and prioritizing public safety in the County budget. She has served on the Pre-trial Services Advisory Board, the Health & Human Needs Committee, and the Judiciary Committee to help make decisions that will impact reducing recidivism (people returning to crime) in Milwaukee, bringing Milwaukee youth out of Lincoln Hills and into better, region-based facilities, and helping our public safety personnel receive the funding and support relief that they need to succeed. "Voters have seen that unlike many elected officials, I am not afraid to speak the truth, even when faced with adversity. Because I care about the truth, I am also willing to re-evaluate and apologize when I am mistaken and take the risks needed to stand up for what is right. The voters know that I've stood to defend them for wanting balanced budgets, common sense decisions, and safe neighborhoods.  I am honored that the Milwaukee Police Association, the Milwaukee Deputy Sheriffs' Association, the Retired Deputy Sheriffs' Association, and Milwaukee Aldermen Jim Bohl and Bob Donovan each stand with me."  


  • December 1, 2017

    Deanna Alexander Declares Candidacy for Re-Election to the Milwaukee County Board

    MILWAUKEE - Deanna Alexander, Milwaukee County Supervisor for the 18th District today released a statement formally announcing her candidacy for election: "It has been an honor to serve as a representative of the people in Milwaukee County government since 2012. I have stayed faithful to the concerns of the 18th District and the residents of Milwaukee County at large by voting ‘NO’ to the Wheel Tax, prioritizing public safety, and voting against cuts to the most essential of government services. I was the only board member to support cutting her own salary, and have become known as a whistleblower for alerting the public to shady politics and wasteful spending.
    Because of this, I’m not always a popular person with Milwaukee’s entrenched politicians, but I’m willing to continue doing what it takes to make Milwaukee County a better place for us and our children.
    I believe that I have represented the district well and hope that my decisions have made my neighbors proud. I am pleased to formally announce my candidacy for re-election to the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors in the Spring 2018 election. I look forward to continuing connecting with residents as I walk our neighborhoods and knock on doors throughout the winter to talk one-on-one about next steps in Milwaukee County! The general election will take place on April 3, 2018."
  • November 5, 2017

    Alexander Proposes Taxpayer-Focused Budget Plan

    *Update: 11/8/17* - This plan could have been a great starting point for at a minimum, negotiations toward a better 2018 Budget.  Unfortunately, the Milwaukee County Board's majority decided to not even give this plan a hearing, to not debate it, and to reject it entirely.  Because of this, coupled with the Board's total disregard for good government, good policymaking, and good management of such a large organization in pushing forward with its initial budget which disregards public safety, cuts homeless shelters, cuts bus routes, and will make life for many Milwaukeeans much tougher, I have voted against the budget and its tax levy.  The County Board's 2018 budget prioritizes very little and is a poor excuse for a revised budget, its something I know Milwaukee County residents don't want, so I am glad to again stand as their voice. -Deanna
    11/5/2017 Dear Friends & Neighbors, The last few weeks have been jam-packed as I've worked hard to find options in the Milwaukee County Budget.  As you know, County Executive Chris Abele and County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb have each proposed very different options for Milwaukee County.  It's been particularly frustrating for people like you and me, who know that there's got to be another way.
    This is why I am pleased to share with you my plan to turn around the 2018 Milwaukee County Budget.  
    Since the budget itself is hundreds of pages long, and each amendment is more than 20 pages long - I've summarized the three plans for you side-by-side to show in clear language the differences between the options before us.  You will be able to easily see that my plan:
    • Offers the lowest tax levy option
    • Eliminates the wheel tax increase
    • Offers the lowest county debt option
    • Prioritizes public safety
    • Provides for important Parks projects
    • Takes steps to reduce worker overtime
    • Saves up to seven bus routes from elimination
    • Funds the department responsible for Child Support Enforcement
    • Eliminates cuts to homeless shelters
    • Saves Senior Centers from closure
    • Helps to fight the opioid epidemic
    I hope that you will be proud of the work I am doing to bring reasonableness and fiscal responsibility to the County Courthouse. Sincerely,
    Deanna Alexander
  • November 2, 2017

    County Board Votes Down Sunset Rule on Wheel Tax

    MILWAUKEE – The Milwaukee County Board today voted on Supervisor Alexander’s proposal that elected policymakers be required to take a separate vote on the Vehicle Registration Fee (VRF), also known as the Wheel Tax, each year it is considered for continuation.  This measure would have created a sunset rule for the wheel tax.  Supervisors Alexander, Sebring, and Staskunas provided the only votes supportive of this policy of transparency. The County Board is currently required each budget season to separately vote to approve the property tax levy billed to area residents; this proposal would have set a similar policy for the Wheel Tax, requiring the board to go on record annually with a vote either reauthorizing or denying continuance of the Wheel Tax.
    “I try to be very transparent with the public and my constituents and think that if we are going to tax them, we have a duty to not simply set up a tax with a single vote in 2016 to carry on a tax indefinitely into the future, never to be thought of again. It is important that each elected official be asked each budget year to go on the record to vote in favor of authorizing or ending the wheel tax,” said Supervisor Alexander.
    Most surprising were other Supervisors’ comments opposing this common-sense policy. Objections heard on the record today from the naysayers included:
    • “This will create a false hope.”
    • “I’m not comfortable giving people the impression we have the ability to rescind it.”
    • “I don’t understand why we would vote on this - it’s political grandstanding… The wheel tax is here because… it’s a necessary element. We have to have a wheel tax.”
    • “Anyone with good political skills doesn’t need that cover – it’s just grandstanding. I don’t want to have this conversation every single year. It’s not necessary to explain why you voted the way you did.”
    Supervisor Alexander said, “This call for an annual reauthorization vote would have helped protect the public from a single vote that perpetuates an indefinite tax, possibly never to be considered for repeal. I am very disappointed that the County Board did not see fit to hold itself accountable in this way.” Failing passage on a vote of 15-3, the transparency measure, Item 17-591, was opposed by all members of the County Board except for Supervisors Alexander, Sebring, and Staskunas.more
  • October 5, 2017

    Hope is Not a Plan: Statement on Firearms Training Event

    This week our country experienced a shocking massacre of innocent lives as a mad man opened fire on a crowd attending a music festival in Las Vegas.  My heart goes out to all who were involved.  Any one of us could been a victim in a situation like that, and I know you join me in sending thoughts and prayers for those experiencing grief during this difficult time.
    My political opponents are shamefully self-promoting and preying on the fears of Americans after the massacre in order to make gains on their political agenda.  They got wind of my plans for a campaign fundraiser at a shooting range and complained to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, claiming that anyone considering shooting guns after a national tragedy is insensitive and owes someone an apology.  The story was then picked up and covered across at least five additional media sources including WISN TV, The Jay Weber Show, The Vicki McKenna Show, RightWisconsin, and WTMJ/620.  My event, which was planned long before this week's tragedy, has nothing to do with my opponents’ claims, the events in Las Vegas, or the gun control debate.  My event has everything to do with embracing the healthy fear that brings about self-preservation, self-educating, and taking precautions to minimize risks.
    State Representative Dale Kooyenga and I have planned an evening out at the local shooting range that he, I, and many of our other neighbors often practice at—a place for us to learn about the responsible handling of firearms, to see and use several types of guns, and to continue supporting common-sense leadership and fiscal responsibility for Milwaukee County.

    I was honored to serve in our nation’s military where I was first exposed to guns, but I have still sought out more training as a civilian. Several area residents have committed their support to this event… but have also admitted to me that they have never handled a gun… they are joining us because they want to be educated, to feel safe, and to know what options are available to them if they do chose to arm themselves for self-protection. As one resident put it, "I'm fiscally conservative, but I've never shot guns - I'm not a gun guy.  To be honest, I've never even touched a gun; but I worry about my and my partner's safety and for that reason, I am going to educate myself."   A woman said, "This morning, Jay asked on the radio if the fundraiser at WFTC is in bad taste after the shooting in Las Vegas.  Interestingly enough, since the shooting, I have been thinking that I need to get to the gun range to further educate myself on all types of firearms and to become more comfortable with them.  The potential for any one of us to be in a situation that may involve a firearm is unfortunately increasing, and even if we don’t carry, to know what kind of weapon someone else may have would be to our own benefit.  The fundraiser is quite appropriate for that reason, and there is a good chance that I will attend the event."
    As we all know, “hoping for the best” is not a plan; but preparedness is.  Despite calls from our opponents to cancel this event, we will be moving forward and I will not be intimidated by those who would silence us.  They claim that “now is not the right time” – but I ask, “then when?”  They will never give us a response and we would never follow their directive because, the truth is, they are just politically motivated to get this fundraiser and any future fundraiser cancelled.  They want me out of office because I have provided a strong and consistent pro-taxpayer, fiscally conservative voice in our local government and they need to silence me to push forward with their own hyper-political agenda.  
    I hope my concerns resonate with you and that you, too, will seek out education on firearm safety, without allowing anyone to scare you away from knowledge that could help save a life.
    Sincerely, Deannamore
  • September 20, 2017

    Alexander's Legislation Declares October Bullying Prevention Month

    Update! The County Board voted in favor of this resolution.  October is Bullying Prevention Month in Milwaukee County!  Please join the conversation by talking with your children and family about bullying.  There are many online resources to help you learn more about the problem of bullying, such as
    MILWAUKEE (September 20, 2017) – A resolution authored by Supervisor Deanna Alexander recognizing October as Bullying Prevention Month advanced through a committee of the County Board today, and will be considered by the County Board of Supervisors next Thursday, September 28. "By bringing attention to the problem of bullying, we help start the conversations that let victims know they are not alone and connect them with groups and organizations that can help," said Supervisor Alexander. If adopted by the County Board, the resolution would establish a partnership with the PACER National Bullying Prevention Center, and recognize the 25th of October in 2017, and in each succeeding year, as Unity Day. Unity Day is envisioned as "a day to speak out against harmful actions and treatment of our fellow human beings, and to make special efforts to promote kindness, acceptance, and inclusion." Additionally, the resolution calls for promoting Unity Day by wearing the color orange in order to initiate conversations about bullying, and to draw community attention to the problem of bullying. The resolution would also commit the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors to:
    • Stand up for the value of every person, recognizing that love for humankind is not an emotion, but a decision.
    • Stand up against unacceptable behavior or treatment of others, and to never be a silent bystander, should any member of the body witness an act of bullying.The resolution also calls for all Milwaukee County departments and cultural institutions, along with area public and private schools, students, parents, recreation programs, religious institutions, and community organizations, to engage in a variety of awareness and prevention activities designed to make our communities safer for all people.


  • September 18, 2017

    Alexander Proposes Sunset Rule for the County’s Wheel Tax

    MILWAUKEE (September 18, 2017) -  Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander is calling for a sunset provision on the County’s Vehicle Registration Fee, also known as the wheel tax, and will bring a resolution to the County Board this month detailing the plan.
    "The voters of Milwaukee County sent us a message in April saying that 72% are opposed to more fees like the wheel tax. We should heed their warning and recognize that raising taxes instead of cutting waste and finding new efficiencies is the wrong way to get our fiscal house in order," said Alexander.
    “Taxpayers get the short end of the stick if we simply rely on a single vote from elected officials back in 2016 – prior to the knowledge we now have from the referendum – that would push this fee onto taxpayers year after year into the future. If Milwaukee County is going to have a wheel tax, we have a duty to genuinely consider each year if we must keep it going, and if a majority opposes it – sunset the tax,” she continued. If adopted, Alexander's proposal would require a majority of Supervisors to vote in favor of continuing the wheel tax prior to November 15 of each year, in order to authorize the Wisconsin Department of Transportation to collect the fees during the following calendar year. In any year where a majority of Supervisors vote against continuing the wheel tax, the fees would not be collected in the following year. “This policy holds us as elected officials accountable to the voters we represent so that we are making reasoned decisions and never forgetting their interests. Officials who truly believe their districts support the fee will be free to vote to reauthorize it, and officials who hear from their constituents that the fee needs to go, will be at liberty to oppose it,” said Alexander.
    Alexander's wheel tax reauthorization process would align with the county's annual budgeting process. The budget is revised and adopted by the Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors during October and November. The proposal is listed as File #17-591 and is expected to be heard as agenda item #12 for the next meeting of the Finance & Audit Committee which will meet at 10:30am on Wednesday, September 20, 2017 in Room 203R of the Milwaukee County Courthouse.


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