Issues & Goals for Milwaukee County


budgetFiscal Responsibility – Milwaukee County has received spending cuts from both the state and federal levels of government.  The only way to stabilize funding for our services over the long term is to stop depending on one-time funding for recurring expenses.  With every budgeting decision, I promise to ask myself, “Is it appropriate to tax residents in order to finance this expense?  Would my constituents see this as a justified expense if I were on their doorstep today?”  I will be accountable to you for my votes.


public_safetyPublic Safety – We want all neighborhoods to be safe so we can rest assured that emergencies will always be met with a fast and effective response.  It is crucial we support our local public safety personnel and maintain good relationships with the other municipalities that respond to our calls for help.  I will continue to view public safety as our number one priority.


govtBetter Government – Let’s face it: Government will always be imperfect.  But the good news is that means that we can continuously aim for great improvements.  Some ideas are simple, like converting to electronic payment systems.  Other ideas, like adopting changes to the criminal justice system, or reforming the way we care for the mentally ill, take time and community input, but move us all forward in the end. This is why I will continue to send out surveys, hold public listening sessions, and attend events in our community.  We can do better, working together!


I also believe in supporting…

  • Balanced budgets.
  • Efficient government spending.
  • Caring for our children and honoring our elders.
  • The family unit & the sanctity of human life.
  • Hearing out both sides of a debate.
  • Dialogue between Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.
  • Choices that will make future generations proud.

Deanna was re-elected in April 2016 and will next seek re-election in April 2018.

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