Milwaukee (December 9, 2011) – Deanna Alexander, candidate for Milwaukee County Supervisor 18th District, has collected more than enough signatures on nomination forms to meet the legal requirements to be on the ballot in the spring election.  She delivered them this morning to the Milwaukee County Election Commission with much appreciation from employees, who have stated that most candidates wait until the very last day possible to make the submission and risk missing the deadline.

“I go door to door to introduce myself to constituents and listen to their concerns face to face.  Earlier this week, with the help of a great campaign team, we met our initial goal of  collecting over 200 signatures of supportive voters, and today we are well on our way to doubling that!”

“The response from voters has been positive,” added Alexander.  “It is encouraging to see that citizens are interested in their local government and feel like there’s hope, despite the usually intense polarization between liberals and conservatives,” added Alexander.   “The campaign has received overwhelming support from both Democrats and Republicans and I am excited to keep meeting more residents as this campaign jumps forward.”

Alexander’s professional background is in accounting and auditing for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and government and she has studied Law & Public Policy at the master’s level.  She has also served in the Wisconsin Army National Guard and is a current Milwaukee County employee.  Philip and Deanna Alexander are in their 30’s, own their Milwaukee home, and have two daughters.