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Sheriff David Clarke Endorses Alexander for Milwaukee County Board

Milwaukee—(March 24, 2016) Sheriff David Clarke is supporting Deanna Alexander for reelection to the Milwaukee County Board. “Many politicians are in it strictly for themselves. Not Deanna Alexander.  I'm proud to tell you that County Supervisor Deanna Alexander exhibits true servant leadership and has represented us well. She has courage, integrity, and she's been a faithful partner for public safety,” said Sheriff Clarke. “I’ve seen first hand how Sheriff Clarke shakes off politically correct status quo expectations and this makes me especially grateful and proud to have gained his support—making recommendations to the community is ...

Milwaukee Professional Fire Fighters Local 215 Endorses Deanna Alexander for County Board

“Deanna has been a faithful ally for public safety, has demonstrated an openness and honesty that is very rare in politics today, and has done a great job leading Milwaukee’s Emergency Medical Services Council. We are proud to support her reelection to the County Board,” Local 215 President Dave Seager said.

County Board Grabs for Power with More Wasteful Legal Fees

Board Chairman Changing the Law to Circumvent Judge’s Ruling  MILWAUKEE—(March 17, 2016) - While the feud between the County Board and the County Executive continues on, at least one County Supervisor is shining a light on a waste of taxpayer dollars and lawmakers irresponsibly changing the law to suit their legal arguments. County Board Chairman Theo Lipscomb has spent upwards of $150,000 of taxpayer dollars on legal expenses trying to get a judge to force the County Executive, who is elected by the public to manage the day-to-day operations of the county, to be forced to appear at the County Board’s beck and call and to get permission ...

Secret Ballot Vote for Chairman Would Increase Public Confidence in Board

MILWAUKEE—(March 2, 2016) -  To generate more public confidence in the workings of the County Board, Milwaukee County Supervisor Deanna Alexander is proposing that the County Board abandon the voice vote process for choosing the board’s officers and instead use a secret ballot to designate its leaders.   “Our citizens use a secret ballot to elect their leaders every election. Imagine the chaos if those ballots were not anonymous and a person’s choices were available for anyone—including the candidates themselves—to view,” said Supervisor Alexander. “That is how the County Board currently operates.”   “A lot ...

Photo – Deanna hosts a press conference

Deanna hosted a press conference to help the War Memorial announce a commemoration of General Douglas MacArthur's service to our country.

Photo – Deanna teaches girl scouts about government

Supervisor Alexander teaches Girl Scouts about county government.  They got to participate in the legislative process as we took a "vote" on whether to expand or contract recess.

Photo – Zoo Ambassadors

Deanna visits with students from River Trail School in the Milwaukee County Zoo Ambassador program.

Photo – Milwaukee County Emblem

Photo – Legal Aid Society

Deanna speaks at the Legal Aid Society's annual fundraiser.

Photo – Deanna with Lena, David, and Penny on WNOV

Supervisor Alexander joins State Senator Lena Taylor, Representative David Bowen, and community activist Penny Sikora on WNOV radio with Sherwin Hughes.