Alexander Proposes Taxpayer-Focused Budget Plan

*Update: 11/8/17* – This plan could have been a great starting point for at a minimum, negotiations toward a better 2018 Budget.  Unfortunately, the Milwaukee County Board’s majority decided to not even give this plan a hearing, to not debate it, and to reject it entirely.  Because of this, coupled with the Board’s total disregard for good government, good policymaking, and good management of such a large organization in pushing forward with its initial budget which disregards public safety, cuts homeless shelters, cuts bus routes, and will make life for many Milwaukeeans much tougher, I have voted against the budget and its tax levy.  The County Board’s 2018 budget prioritizes very little and is a poor excuse for a revised budget, its something I know Milwaukee County residents don’t want, so I am glad to again stand as their voice.



Dear Friends & Neighbors,

The last few weeks have been jam-packed as I’ve worked hard to find options in the Milwaukee County Budget.  As you know, County Executive Chris Abele and County Board Chair Theo Lipscomb have each proposed very different options for Milwaukee County.  It’s been particularly frustrating for people like you and me, who know that there’s got to be another way.

This is why I am pleased to share with you my plan to turn around the 2018 Milwaukee County Budget.  
Since the budget itself is hundreds of pages long, and each amendment is more than 20 pages long – I’ve summarized the three plans for you side-by-side to show in clear language the differences between the options before us.  You will be able to easily see that my plan:
  • Offers the lowest tax levy option
  • Eliminates the wheel tax increase
  • Offers the lowest county debt option
  • Prioritizes public safety
  • Provides for important Parks projects
  • Takes steps to reduce worker overtime
  • Saves up to seven bus routes from elimination
  • Funds the department responsible for Child Support Enforcement
  • Eliminates cuts to homeless shelters
  • Saves Senior Centers from closure
  • Helps to fight the opioid epidemic
I hope that you will be proud of the work I am doing to bring reasonableness and fiscal responsibility to the County Courthouse.


Deanna Alexander